3 reasons bosses need bosses

Here are three reasons why bosses need bosses.

Today, I get to work with a lot of amazing entrepreneurs. Also, in my days as a Commander in the Navy I worked with a lot of leaders who were also doing incredible thing. What I realised is that the best leaders were the ones that put their hand up to be the most accountable. They want to be tracked, measured, and keep on top of their game.

If you look at the Olympics. If you look at the Commonwealth Games. If you look at any elite sports or a sports team or sports person. Whenever you see someone at the top of their game. They always have someone on the outside, an external pair of eyes watching them, keeping their eye on their game and tracking how they’re progressing.

So why do entrepreneurs need bosses?

Firstly, to have the accountability to follow through, and get trajectory so to scale quickly.

Second, for a sounding board. To make sure ideas are sound… kind of like an insurance policy from making big future mistakes.

Thirdly, for the ability to pitch and catch with someone, so that collectively you can come up with an even better answer than you could have on your own.

If you’re thinking that right now that you would like to have someone in your corner. Someone to support you, or a team that can be your co-pilot on your business journey. Then we’d love to connect.


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