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About Us

We are a leading Small Business Advisory and Coaching Company with over 10 years of industry success.

Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, our clients have achieved remarkable growth, transforming their businesses and thriving regardless of the global and local economy. Over the last 9 years, our clients’ net profits have risen by an average of 237% YoY, and we’ve contributed to 10,367,288 leveraged impacts by supporting causes through B1G1.

We believe that we can change the world by equipping small business owners to help communities in need, locally and around the world.

It is our mission to support one million socially-conscious entrepreneurs globally by 2027, including 500 who each contribute $500k to worthy causes.

We’d love you to be one of them.

Key Business Achievements

We are proud to share
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Expert Guidance

Experienced Coaches and Specialists at Your Service

At Abundance Global, we’ve brought together a skilled group of coaches, speakers, analysts, and business partners who are passionate about business success, entrepreneurship, and supporting our community.

We join forces with top experts in their fields to deliver outstanding value and first-rate entrepreneurial education to our members.

Our coaching team consists of Founder and Business Coach David Dugan, CEO and Business Coach Fusun Batey, and Business Coaches Nick Farrow and Paul Dunn. With their vast experience and commitment to small business success, they serve as ideal guides for your journey to growth.

Each of our coaches has personal experience in growing their businesses from the ground up to reach seven or eight figures. Boasting a decade or more of personal experience and at least five years working within our community, they offer unmatched expertise.

We also partner with exceptional talent and trainers in every niche.

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Our Results

Over 10 Years of Strong Client Growth in Every Industry

Partnering With
Exceptional Talent

Partnering With Small Businesses To Fuel Growth

As we strive for excellence, we collaborate with renowned leaders in their respective fields to provide exceptional value and high-quality entrepreneurial education to our members.

Our esteemed partners include Richard Branson, Jim Benson, Simon Bowen, John Tonkin, Adam Dierselhuis, Keith Abraham, Chandell Labbozzetta, and Adam Houlahan.

United, we aim to make a lasting impact and contribute to a world of abundance.

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About Our Mission Feat Img

Local & Global Impact

Creating Positive Change For Australian Businesses And Communities Worldwide

At Abundance Global, we focus on delivering transformative results for our clients, fostering strong partnerships with charitable organizations like B1G1, and showcasing inspiring case studies and client success stories. Our work goes beyond individual businesses; it reshapes business landscapes around the world, promotes growth, generates job opportunities, and supports thriving local communities.

Our clients appreciate being part of a realistic, supportive, and inclusive global business community that believes in hard work, mutual support, and helping everyone become the best version of themselves. At Abundance Global, Join us on the path to success, and let’s work together to not only create a brighter future for small businesses but also make a positive impact on communities around the world as we grow.

To achieve our mission we know we have to do things differently. So that’s exactly what we do….

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Exceptional Team

We bring together and continuously develop an exceptional team that’s ready to serve.

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Abundance Mastery

We serve through Abundance Mastery and provide the sounding board our clients need to test their ideas and challenge them to reach their business goals.

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Outstanding Community

We foster an outstanding community that stands shoulder to shoulder in support of each other, professionally and personally.

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Create Social Impact

We celebrate the true spirit of abundance by providing support to those who need it and ensuring we create social impact globally and locally.

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Extensive Toolbox

We provide an extensive toolbox of resources that meets the needs of businesses at all stages of development.

About David Dugan

“We help entrepreneurs create intergenerational wealth and prosperity for their communities and for themselves.

We enable them to see, do and achieve things they never thought possible so that together we contribute to global abundance.”

Dr. David Dugan
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