This is how to take price off the table

Ever had a frugal customer?

You give a lovely presentation about the benefits of your business, but the client is still sitting in their chair with their arms crossed. You can hear the hesitation in their voice.

When a depleting bank account is all your client can think about, it can lead to some tense conversations. The last thing you need is to start resenting a potential long-term relationship.

What needs to shift isn’t the money: It’s the mindset.

You have the power to re-imagine the way the client thinks about your services.

Instead of listing off all of your businesses features, tell a story of how your services will positively impact their lives.

Or how you have solved similar problems for past clients.

You need to demonstrate to them that they are investing in themselves.

Or how they will be enriching their lives with your help.

We here at Abundance Global know that what you bring to the table is extremely valuable. Don’t let a stingy customer argue over chunk change.

Click below for tips on how to say how you are adding value to your clients’ lives, not taking away their money.

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