All Upsets are an Opportunity to Learn the Truth

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The entrepreneur journey is a difficult one. Don’t get us wrong, it’s a rewarding journey that has plenty of ups! But of course, there’s also plenty of downs. It can be super tough, especially if you’re going it alone. It’s hard to talk to your family and friends if they’re not in the industry. You don’t want to let your team see you falter. It’s a pretty rough gig sometimes! Here’s the thing though, there’s always a way to turn that hardship into something helpful.


All upsets are an opportunity to learn the truth.


The first time we were told that? Damn, it was tough. It doesn’t sound like a nice, confident thing to be told when you’re down! What’s more frustrating, is you can’t even get upset at that advice.. because that upset too, is an opportunity to learn the truth. 


And here’s the truth. If you’re having an upset, it means that aspect of your business was built on shaky ground. What we mean by that, is that whatever your upset is… whether it’s that you lose a major client, or a contracting agency that doesn’t send you leads anymore, or a key team member leaves to work somewhere else, or you just have some annoying fight with your business partner; each of these is just a symptom of a larger problem. 


How lucky you are to notice the symptom before it grows into something terminal! Having a fight with your business partner? Your communication may need some work. Lost a major client? Time to look at what it was they wanted that you weren’t delivering. Your team member quit? What could you have done to incentivise them to stay? We don’t ask these questions to fill you with regret and get you stuck ruminating on the past, but because of how incredible that you get to learn from this. 


These are all major indicators that there’s something that wasn’t quite working. Imagine if that one client hadn’t dropped you, and you didn’t even realise your product or service was slipping the mark until all your clients started to notice?


We know, when you’re dealing with an issue like these, it sucks. It feels terrible and like it’s the worst time. We’re not denying that! On the other hand though, isn’t it also the best time? The time you can learn exactly what it is that’s holding your business back, but only if you let it. It’s the time to realise that problem you’ve been turning a blind eye to. Or that thing you knew you should have done, but you just didn’t prioritise it. Or a thousand other little minor complications that are an easy fix now that you’ve recognised it!


The one other thing that can help hype you up in these situations, is having a strong community to support you. To help you see the opportunity for growth even as you’re stuck in that initial feeling of frustration and defeat. We’d love to be your community. 


We have an amazing private Facebook group full of entrepreneurs who are holding each other accountable to keep that forward momentum. Follow the link below to join us for free, and if you’re struggling to find the truth in an upset and need a little bit more personalised guidance, send us a private message and one of our team will reach out. 


We’d love to help pull you through that initial moment of frustration, and on to the great and wonderful lessons you can learn from it!

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