The Energy You Have As a Leader Changes Everything; 5 Simple Steps For More Energy


Have you ever gotten into the office at the very beginning of your day, looked at your screen and realised, ‘I’m already tired’? Have you ever reached the point where you start your day already feeling burnt out? We’re pretty confident that there isn’t an entrepreneur out there who hasn’t felt like that! It’s a hard gig and you’re normally firing on all cylinders. The thing is, though, as a leader, it is absolutely critical to have enough energy! Your energy has a direct effect on the way you lead the team, the way you communicate with prospects, and ultimately, the entire way you run your business. You might have the right product, the right sales steps, the right language, but if you don’t have the right energy, you’re still going to fall behind. People are attracted to energy, and they aren’t going to want to put their time, money and trust into someone who seems stressed and exhausted.
The logical question that follows, then, is ‘how do I keep my energy levels up?’ Being an entrepreneur is tiring! We get that. That’s why we want to give you 5 tips straight from Abundance Global’s routine, that will help you supercharge your morning ritual and make a huge difference to your energy.

0. Sleep

Alright, we know that’s not technically a morning ritual thing, which is why we’ve listed it as point 0. This is the baseline where all your energy stems from. We’ve written before on why sleep is the one thing we’re never going to try and make ‘more efficient’. We don’t believe the pseudoscience of ‘biohacking’ your sleep. We’ve read the studies. Hell, our team members have even taken part in quite a few! What the science shows is that for most adults, 7-9 hours is important for sleep. Start here.

1. Sunlight

While you can’t bio hack your sleep, you can absolutely supercharge the way you wake up. From a physiological and biological perspective, basking in sunlight early in the morning (even if it’s just having sunlight on your face) does wonders for your energy. We know that light suppresses melatonin (a sleep-promoting hormone) in the body, directly affecting your circadian rhythm. In layman’s terms, natural sunlight in the morning will signal to your body that it’s time to wake up and start your day with gusto.

2. Breathing

Okay, we know you’re going to do this anyway. What we want is for it to be intentional, as opposed to just that thing you do on autopilot to keep yourself alive. We recommend Heart Resonance Breathing. All this really means, is stopping and taking some long, deep, slow breaths. The average person takes about 12-20 breaths per minute, but if you slow this down to about 3-7 breaths, it is the optimal condition for all your internal systems (like your nervous system and circulatory system) to come into balance with each other. Taking 5 minutes out of your morning to do this will start your day from a place of mental and bodily harmony. It’s also a great one to use when you’re feeling a bit stressed or under pressure, before making any big choices!

3. Get grounded

We mean this one quite literally. Get your feet on the ground. Not on concrete, not on the floor of your house, but on the actual earth. Get out walking on some grass, or even just go stand in your own backyard for a few minutes. We spend our days surrounded by so much radiation and technology, often sitting in front of a computer constantly. Actually, physically grounding yourself will help balance that out, and you’ll feel a lot more centred as a result.

4. Hydrate

You’ve just slept for 7-9 hours, which means that even if you don’t realise it, your body is headed for dehydration. How much water you should be drinking varies from person to person. Whatever your water needs are though, absolutely everyone can benefit from starting their day with a big ol’ glass or two.

5. Get moving

We’re not saying you need to be some superstar athlete running 10km and pumping weights every morning of the week, but getting up and getting your body moving to help wake it up and set the atmosphere for the day is so important. Whether that’s taking your dog for a brisk morning stroll, doing a little bit of yoga and stretching out the night’s sleep, or even just doing a few pushups or squats in your yard. It gets your blood flowing and gives you that little bit of swagger for the day ahead.

Abundance Global Event 2021

Abundance Global Event 2021

That’s it! Those are the 5 incredibly simple things that our team members all do at least 5 or 6 days out of every week. We know that none of these in and of themselves are revolutionary, and that’s kind of the point. Humans need very little to thrive. We’ve survived much worse conditions than the world we’re currently living in. It’s all about taking the simple things we usually do without thinking and making them intentional.

If you’d like more tips and tricks, or even if you’d just like to link up with other entrepreneurs who are supercharging their morning routine in the same way, we’ve created an amazing private Facebook group we’d love you to join!

Our goal is to help build and support this amazing entrepreneur community so that we can make some huge differences to the world as we know it. But they won’t be able to do that without the right amount of energy.
Click the link below to join, and reach out and let us know what you’ll be doing with that newfound energy. We can’t wait to see you smashing it out of the park.

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