Are You Overcomplicating Your Business

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The thing we love most about our work, is that we get to know and help some of the most incredible entrepreneurs on the planet! We even have our own entrepreneurs board, that’s a smaller group of about 10 businesses who are some of the smartest in their fields! We meet these trailblazers once every four months, so about three times a year. But we realised something at our last meeting… and that is that even these guys fall victim to something we see so often: people who are overcomplicating their business!

So we want to bring it back to basics and help you simplify it. We’re giving you the only three things you need to know to grow a business that’s going to be continually sustainable and profitable.

  1. Find out what your clients want.

That’s really and simply the very first thing. What do the clients want in this very moment? Not what you thought they needed 12 months ago, but what do they need right now? Yes, you might be thinking ‘aren’t the real innovators pre-empting what they’re going to want in the future?’ You might be right! But you’re never going to know what they’re going to want, until you know what they want here and now. Figure out what the problems your target audience are currently facing… and then it’s right onto number two.

  1. Find a solution to that problem!

Whatever you just figured out your client wants, find a way to give them that! Once you know what their current problem is (and that problem may just be desiring something they don’t currently have), find a way to solve that! Package it, put it together, and then move to step number three…

  1. Go and give it to them!

It’s really that simple.

That’s it! Figure out what your clients want or what their problems are, find the solution to that problem/desire, and then go out there and give the people what they want!

If you feel like you’ve been overcomplicating your own business lately, if you’re getting too stressed about all the systems and processes, you’re putting in place, let us help! Download your free copy of ‘Bullet Proof Business’ by David Dugan – and learn smart strategies to protect, maximise and accelerate your business. It’s the ultimate guide for any serious business owner. Click here – to download your copy today.

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