Why You Need to Delegate Now to Boost Your Business Growth

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If you find yourself thinking any of these things – it’s time to get serious about delegating: 

I’m so busy. 
I’m so stressed.
I’m answering so many questions.
I’m doing so many different things.

Effective delegation is key to scaling your business. Many business owners will reach a point where their business is getting busier and revenue is increasing, but the only way to continue this momentum is through delegation.

Here is the Abundance Global ‘Five-Step Method to Effective Delegating’.

Step One: Provide Context
Before you can provide your team member a task to do, you must provide the context. Explain what is going on.
As an example, let’s say you have an employee named Bob in your marketing team that you need to delegate work to. During step one, you would start by explaining, “We have an industry tradeshow coming up in March”. In this example, the context is that the task is for a trade show.

Step Two: Define Purpose
The next step is to communicate the purpose of the task and establish its importance to the business.
In our example with Bob from marketing, you would go on to explain, “This tradeshow is important for our company because this is where we get the majority of our leads for the year. We are investing $10,000 in this event, so we need to see a great return on that. This is our shot.”

Step Three: Measurable Outcomes
Provide clear and measurable outcomes. Ensure you communicate your expectations very clearly. Your team member should leave this meeting with a well-defined idea of what they need to produce or achieve.
Unfortunately, many leaders skip the first two steps of the delegation process and go straight to this step. This often leaves your employee confused as they try to work out exactly what you expect from them.
To avoid any confusion, you need to be very clear. In our example, you would say to Bob, “What I’m looking for is a brochure. I need sales collateral to help the sales people to sell. Specifically, I’m looking for a four-page brochure featuring our top three products.”

Step Four: Provide Resources
In step four of the delegation process, you’re going to provide the tools to complete the task.
Starting a task from scratch – especially when you don’t have to – can waste a lot of time. Use existing resources to guide your employee through their task. Ensure your employee knows where they can find these resources and who they can go to if they have further questions.
In the example with Bob, you want to provide him the tools and resources at his disposal to help him complete his task efficiently and effectively. For example, you might explain, “We’ve already got images from photoshoots for you to use. The information about our top three products can be found in our sales documents. All these resources can be located in our Dropbox folder. For any questions about sales, speak to Mary.”

Step Five: Set Timeframes
And finally, decide the time you need this task completed.
For example, “Bob, this needs to be completed by Friday next week, because it’s got to go to the printer by COB Friday.”

These are the five steps to help you delegate and elevate.
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