Is Your Business Scaling or Growing?

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We’ve spoken about the difference between the two of these things before, but it’s still such a common problem! Entrepreneurs who think they’re scaling their business and yet they’re really just growing it. So today, we want to give you a simple litmus test to figure out which it is you’re doing.

What it comes down to, is ZOGs and NOGs.

What you really want is to make sure that as your revenue is increasing… you have ZOG.

Zero overhead growth.

Just imagine you’re going out there, you’ve got a new marketing plan, maybe a new sales manager, and you’re getting more leads. You’re bringing in more revenue and your business is getting bigger and bigger, higher and higher. And yet your expenses are staying rock bottom. That’s zero-overhead growth. That’s what you want to be aiming for to really be scaling.

What’s even better than ZOG? It’s NOG!

Negative overhead growth.

This is when your expenses actually decrease as your revenue increases. You’re probably thinking, is that even possible? Yes, it absolutely is.

We at Abundance Global have a whole stack of clients who we’ve helped achieve exactly this. They’re in our community and they’re turning success into a friendly competition, seeing who can hit those ZOGs and NOGs. And the great thing about it is that once you figure out how to hit those ZOGs and especially NOGs, you’ll find your business will start to pick up and scale at a faster rate than it ever has before.

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