The 4 Month Sales Strategy to Revolutionise Your Business

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Do you feel exhausted from doing constant sales? Discover the four-month sales strategy to prevent burnout and set you up for the future.

Working in sales is very rewarding. Unfortunately, it can also be draining and a lot of hard work.

Have you ever found yourself burnt out and exhausted from sales? Maybe you then took a short break and suddenly found yourself energised and ready to take on the world once again.

Or maybe you just read that and had no idea what we were talking about!

Let us give you some context. Being successful in sales should be like training for and competing in sports at a very high level.

The interesting thing about competing at a high level in sport, is how you train for a competition. You work and work so that you can bring your peak performance to the competition. Once the competition is over, you take a break. You cycle through training, hitting your peak and then resting.

When you begin in business, you discover quite quickly, it is very different to how you work as an athlete. In business, you have to keep working harder and harder to hit quarterly targets. You never slow down. 

But where do these quarterly targets come from? These targets come from CEO’s who need to present impressive figures to a board of directors. These targets influence a share price that needs to move in a certain direction so that they can keep their job. There’s a reason so many CEO’s only works in a job for two to three years before moving on to the next business. These CEO’s are only there to push the business to the next level. 

In your early days working in business, you’re constantly pushing yourself. You push and push to keeping hitting your targets. You end up getting burnt out. 

Despite how exhausted you felt, you just needed to push on.

But it doesn’t need to be that way. 

James E Loehr and Tony Schwartz, describe it best in their book, The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal. This book will change your whole attitude, it applies so accurately to being sales and growing an amazing business. 

The problem with most businesses is that they work on a quarterly sprint. This means 90-straight days of sprinting. This means that you end up sprinting for a whole year. A marathon at a sprint pace is going to burn anyone out.

The best way to run a sales team – or a whole organisation – is on a different rhythm altogether. Instead of three-months, you should be on a four-month rhythm.

Month One – The Activation Phase
This is an exciting month where energy levels should be high. The Activation Phase is when you need to define what you need to get done over the next four months. Put together your game plan and the list of projects you need to get done. 

Month Two – The Calibration Phase
During the second month, you’re going to spend time optimising the plans you made in the Activation Phase. The Calibration Phase is when to make adjustments because things change, or you may discover the scope of the project is much larger than you initially realise. 

Many entrepreneurs avoid the calibration step because they’re worried about not hitting their goals. The best thing most people can do in this situation is to change or simplify their project.

Month Three – The Accelerator Phase
The third month is called the Accelerator Phase. This is the moment you need to put your blinkers on and focus on reaching your target. By now you should have all the resources you need. And then, you reach the end. 

The final phase is incredibly important: It’s time to celebrate.

Month Four – Celebrate 
The final month should be dedicated to celebrating. It’s your time to take a breath, relax and enjoy your successes. The fourth month is the perfect time to do internal team training, take holidays and take a timeout. 

During this time, do not let your team make any sales. Picture it. You’ve got a sales team who have been told they’re not allowed to make sales for a month. By the end of this rest month, your sales team will be keen to get started as soon as they can.

Making this change has brought a huge change to many businesses and people we work with. We encourage you to work this into your business if you can. It will help you build an amazing – and more importantly – sustainable business. Avoid burn out by running this rhythm.

If you would like to find out how a four-month rhythm could benefit your business, we can help. You may find it difficult to stick to this rhythm, particularly at the beginning. But it will be worth it. Join our community of like-minded entrepreneurs and find out how they have implemented a new rhythm in their business. 

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